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Mall of AmericaAs the nation’s largest retail and entertainment complex, Mall of America® hosts over 400 events. MOA® has earned a national reputation for entertaining guests with celebrity appearances, musical performances, charitable initiatives, product launches, book signings and movie premieres.

Featured Events

  1. Try a Secret Menu Margarita

    Thursday, August 18
    Mall hours
    Cantina Laredo

    Treat yourself with a margarita at Cantina Laredo (you won’t find one of these anywhere else in the area). INSIDER MARGARITA TIP: Order the Desert Pear ‘Rita--its a secret menu item that you have to know about to try! Thursday is Ladies Night which means $4 Casa Rita’s. Try it frozen and add a flavor like pomegranate for just $1 more! 

  2. American Cancer Society Celebrity Event

    Friday, August 19
    Mall hours

    Stay tuned for exclusive announcements of celeb appearances at this exciting fundraiser event!

  3. Support the Bees

    Saturday, August 20
    Mall Hours
    FireLake Grill House + Cocktail Bar

    Celebrate National Bee Day by trying FireLake Grill’s honey menu items with honey collected straight from FireLake’s bee farm on top of their roof.  FireLake Grill has partnered with the University of Minnesota Bee Squad to have colonies of honey bees live as permanent residents on their rooftop. As a commitment to the environment, honey bees pollinate 35% of the global food supply and 80% of flowering plants. Come try some of this excess honey and unique gift from the roof top bees. Menu items range from breakfast items including the Strawberry, Mango, and Honey Smoothies to dinner items like Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken.

  4. Watch Planes Take Off As You Eat!

    Sunday, August 21
    Mall Hours

    Watch the planes take off as you eat in our Culinary on North food court overlooking the airport AND Minneapolis + St. Paul. Located on the Level 3, Central Parkway on the north side of the Mall, you can take in the view and watch as people stroll into the Mall as you enjoy your food with a view.

  5. Tour the Tech Home of the Future

    Monday, August 22
    Mall Hours

    Come to the rotunda and tour the Best Buy Tech House, a life size smart house right in the middle of the Mall.  Discovery what the future of technology is bringing to our homes as you peek inside this interactive experience brought to MOA by Best Buy.

  6. Discover Your Color IQ

    Tuesday, August 23
    Mall Hours

    Color match your skin tone and find the perfect shade with Sephora’s exclusive Color IQ. Come into Sephora at MOA and have the beauty experts scan the surface of your skins with their handheld Color IQ camera that captures an image of your skin and determines your exact IQ number which reveals scientifically precise lip, foundation, and concealer matches!

  7. Take a Vintage Photo

    Wednesday, August 24
    Mall Hours
    Prof Bellows Old Time Photos

    Have you ever wanted to be a cowgirl or civil war hero? Have a classic, vintage looking antique portrait taken at Professor Bellows Old Time Photos on Level 3, North. Have a blast creating characters with their fun customs and creative back drops. Grab your friends and family and create memories that you can keep forever.

  8. Create your own Custom Jewelry at Lotus Beads

    Thursday, August 25
    Mall Hours
    Lotus Beads

    At Lotus Beads and Jewelry you will find tables and tables of beads that you can use to create your own custom pieces. Work at one of Lotus Bead’s work tables to create your very own hand-made jewelry in-store with tips from the experts. Work tables are free to work at to create works of art but if you need a little assistance Lotus Bead offers tool rentals for $5 including, pliers, hammers and stamping tools and the assistance of a professional to start and finish your final work of art.

  9. Visit the only Burger Burger in the World!

    Friday, August 26
    Mall Hours
    Burger Burger

    Pick a burger from Burger Burger’s list of fresh in-house ground beef, seared to order and topped with delicious ingredients and locally sourced produce. Then grab a  batch of fresh cut fries and choose from 10 signature sauces. I bet you didn’t find those options at your family BBQ’s this summer.

  10. Pick Up the Postcard of the Month at kate spade new york

    Saturday, August 27
    Mall Hours
    kate spade new york

    Pick up the free postcard of the month at kate spade new york. Keep it for yourself or mail it out snail-mail style right from the Mall--we have a mail box on Level 3, West!

  11. Try a Pinkberry

    Sunday, August 28
    Mall Hours

    Pinkberry is the original tart frozen yogurt brand that started in Los Angeles, CA. Mall of America is the only place in Minnesota you can find Pinkberry (it’s tucked inside Level 1 of Macy’s), so stop in for a swirl and tell your friends you tried the original world famous frozen yogurt at MOA.

  12. Visit Intelligent Nutrients' Flagship Store

    Monday, August 29
    Mall Hours
    Intelligent Nutrients

    MOA is home to an Intelligent Nutrients flagship store, featuring an extensive array of certified organic products (including sunscreen!). Come create and design your personal aroma blend exclusively at the Mall of America Horst and Friends Salon. Find your perfect blend of balance with their expanding line of 100% non-toxic plant based products.

  13. Celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day with a Peep

    Tuesday, August 30
    Mall Hours
    Peeps & Company®

    Stop by PEEPS & Company to learn about the history of some of your favorite Marshmallow candies. Before you leave pick up a few peeps to toast at home to celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow day with a fun twist on the classic s’more.

  14. Kick Off the US Tennis Open

    Wednesday, August 31
    Mall Hours

    Shop the Serena Williams Collection at Nike to celebrate the beginning of the US Open. Serena Williams is America No.1 women’s single tennis player and started her career 20 years ago at age 14. Serena Williams has been an icon in the tennis world and for female athletes everywhere. You can find her full athletic line at Nike MOA and sport her fierce empowering style.  

  15. Wrap Yourself in 100% Alpaca

    Thursday, September 1
    Mall Hours
    Alpaca Connection

    Straight from the Andes Mountains. Alpaca Connections furs and super soft and amazingly beautiful. Shoppers can peruse apparel, gifts, shoes and more. Found exclusively on Level 3, East.

  16. Get on the Wetzel Pretzel Train

    Friday, September 2
    Mall Hours
    Wetzel's Pretzels

    Stop in and see what the master of the pretzel has created and brought exclusively to you at Mall of America (we have their first store in the market!). To the Wetzel Pretzel classic, traditional pretzel to the Sinful Cinnamon treat, you’re sure to find a pretzel-lover’s haven of deliciousness.

  17. It's World Beard Day and We Know the Best Place to Celebrate

    Saturday, September 3
    Mall Hours
    The Art of Shaving

    Celebrate World Beard Day at the Art of Shaving, let them teach you a few tips + tricks on how to style and groom your ideal beard. Before you go, check out Tim’s experience of the Royal Shave on the Mall’s Style Blog.

  18. Celebrate Beyoncé’s Birthday

    Sunday, September 4
    Mall Hours

    Celebrate Queen B’s Birthday with us by shopping her exclusive line Ivy Park at Nordstrom. From sports bras to leggings Nordstrom at Mall of America is one of the select few retailers who carries the line in-store. Don’t miss seeing the collection in-store before it’s gone.

  19. Ride on a Roller Coaster, Then Buy New Shoes!

    Monday, September 5
    Mall Hours
    Nickelodeon Universe®

    Located in the center of Mall of America, Nickelodeon Universe is the largest indoor theme park in the country featuring seven acres of unique attractions and entertainment. Take a spin on one of our roller coasters, and then head out shopping to get yourself a new pair of shoes for back-to-school or fall. All-Day Unlimited Ride Wristbands can be purchased online for and extra savings at


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