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MOA® LiveWell

Mall of America LiveWell

Introducing LiveWell, a new health + wellness program featuring opportunities to engage in physical activities and make healthy choices at Mall of America®. This program will include: 

  • Fitness classes, cooking classes + other wellness events 
  • A LiveWell health zone showcasing the latest in health + wellness products 
  • A mileage map of MOA® with walking routes 
  • A Smart Dining Guide to make wise choices while you dine 

Learn more about the program below.

Mall of America LiveWell Nutritional Wellness

The Chef Marshall O’Brien Group is a proud partner of the Mall of America® nutritional wellness program, LiveWell. By “putting delicious in nutritious,” The Group works with child care providers, schools, the YMCA, fire, police and public works departments, cities and corporations to provide nutritional wellness content, solutions to help people lead happier, healthier lives.

Chef Marshall O’Brien and the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group have published a number of healthy living books, including their Smart Nutrition Workbook. Ready to make life a little easier? Get recipes, helpful tips and meal-planning tools at

Power Shopping Nutrition Tips from
Chef Marshall O'Brien

  1. To have the energy to shop all day, you need to eat and drink small amounts of the right foods every few hours. Your body needs fuel!

  2. The right foods include slow carbohydrates (veggies, fruits, whole grains), healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, butter, etc.) and lean protein (meat, beans, eggs, etc.) at every meal and snack.

  3. Start your day right with a balanced breakfast. This will keep your blood sugar stable so you will stay more focused, feel happier and have more energy all day long.

  4. Drink plenty of fluids. This not only hydrates your body, but it also helps with alertness and consistent energy so you can meet your shopping goals!

  5. For sustained energy on a marathon day of shopping, pay attention to portion sizes. Eating too much at one time will slow your digestion to a crawl and leave you ready for a nap. 

Be sure to also check out this power shopping recipe!

Mall of America LiveWell Dining Guide

Browse a list of our restaurants and the healthy dining options they offer. From vegetarian, vegan + gluten-free options and meals under 500 calories, we have something for everyone.

Mall of America Smart Dining Guide

*Information provided by individual restaurants and is subject to change. See restaurants for details.

Mall of America LiveWell Walking Maps

Did you know that you can burn 80 - 100 calories walking around Mall of America for just 20 minutes? Each level of the Mall is just over a mile around if you stick to the exterior wall. See the walking maps of all four levels below.

Mall of America LiveWell Walking Map   Mall of America LiveWell Walking Maps
Mall of America LiveWell Walking Maps   Mall of America LiveWell Walking Maps

Mall of America LiveWell Events

  1. Walk to End Hunger

    Thursday, November 23
    7 - 10 a.m.

    The Walk to End Hunger is a family-friendly 5K fun walk presented by The Mosaic Company. Held on Thanksgiving morning, it is a great way…

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