Holiday Music Festival

Huntington® Bank Rotunda
Mon, Nov 29, 2021 – Thu, Dec 23, 2021
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Mall of America® is excited to announce that we are once again hosting Holiday Music Festival—a great way for talented performers + groups to entertain Mall visitors. Performances will take place Monday, November 29 – Thursday, December 23.

Holiday Music Festival performances will take place in the Huntington Bank Rotunda, located on Level 1, East. The Rotunda will be the main stage for the festival and will showcase all types of holiday performances.

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Holiday Music Festival Live Performance Schedule:

Wednesday, December 8  
11 a.m. Sibley East Show Choir and Jazz Band
1 p.m. Roosevelt 8th Grade Choir
Thursday, December 9  
11 a.m. Stillwater Middle School Jazz Band
1 p.m. Jordan High School Jazz Band
3 p.m. New Life Academy Concert Choir
Friday, December 10  
Saturday, December 11  
11 a.m. Twin Cities Homeschoolers for the Arts
1 p.m. Karen's School of Music
3 p.m. Primera Iglesia Bautista de Renovacion
5 p.m. MBM
7 p.m. The Huerta Girls
Sunday, December 12  
11 a.m. Park High School Chamber Choir
1 p.m. Minnesota Association of Songwriters
3 p.m. New Dimension Choir - Farmington High School
Monday, December 13  
11 a.m. Rosemount Middle School
1 p.m. Lakes International Language Academy
5 p.m. Zuhrah Shrine Band
7 p.m. Accent Brass Quintet
Tuesday, December 14  
5 p.m. Shakopee East Middle School Select Choir
Wednesday, December 15  
11 a.m. Ovation
1 p.m. St. Louis Park Middle School Select Choir
3 p.m. Frederic Hand Bells and Choir
Thursday, December 16  
11 a.m. New Life Academy Band
1 p.m. STMA Middle School East Wind Ensemble
7 p.m. Minneapolis Police Band
Friday, December 17  
11 a.m. Central Singers - Eden Prairie
1 p.m. Shakopee West Middle School Saber Singers
3 p.m. Somerset High School Band and Choir
5 p.m. Two Sons of Music
7 p.m. St. Louis Park High School Park Singers
Saturday, December 18  
11 a.m. Aspire Music Academy
1 p.m. After Hours Big Band
3 p.m. 2 Believe
7 p.m. Scott Perau
Sunday, December 19  
11 a.m. Onamnia High School Jazz Ensemble
1 p.m. Simply Strings Studio, Inc.
5 p.m. Zach Miller
Monday, December 20  
11 a.m. Nicollet Singers
1 p.m. Park High School Band
Tuesday, December 21  
Wednesday, December 22  
11 a.m. Concert Choir
1 p.m. STMA Middle School West Wind Ensemble
5 p.m. STMA Band and Choir
7 p.m. Zack Carlson
Thursday, December 23  
5 p.m. St. Lukes Jubilee
7 p.m. Eden Prairie String Academy Alumni