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MOA® Donations

Mall of America is not accepting applications for charitable donations at this time. Our 2024 charitable allocations have been made.

There are so many organizations doing good work, and we are unable to support all of them. We wish you every success in your efforts to make this a better world.

Please check back later for information on 2025 charitable donation applications.

Mall of America Pond Fund

Mall of America has several indoor ponds around our property where guests can drop change and make a wish. Each month a different nonprofit organization is selected to receive the coins tossed into the ponds. Every year, MOA collects and distributes approximately $24,000 from our ponds.

Thank you for your interest in the Pond Fund at Mall of America. The 2025 application is now open. Mall of America strives to be a strong community partner and this is just one of many ways we give back to the community. Please note, organizations are not eligible to receive the pond fund two years in a row.