Lost + Found at MOA®

All lost + found items are donated back to Cornerstone, a local organization that offers crisis/trauma-informed support services to help reduce the prevalence of domestic + sexual violence, human trafficking and general crime.

Cornerstone comes to MOA once a month to load up a van full of lost + found items. These items are then dispersed throughout the community to individuals, children and families in need. 

“Cornerstone is very grateful for the years of partnership with MOA. With over 2,500 pounds of clothing and other items donated each year through the Lost and Found Program, this donation allows Cornerstone to give our participants many items that would otherwise not be available. For example, our participants get to wear new clothes to school, have nice clothes for job hunting, comfortable sleepwear + more. We also receive many items that make perfect Birthday presents throughout the year for Cornerstone participants. We hope to continue this partnership far into the future. Thank you MOA!”

-Lisa Ostertag | Agency Assistant/Donations