Media Policies + FAQs

Media Guidelines

The following guidelines are in place to ensure the safety and security of all Mall of America guests, tenants and employees and will be strictly enforced. We will do our best to accommodate film/TV crews, media, reporters and photographers working on projects relating to Mall of America.

  • Each project must be prearranged through the Mall of America PR Department. Please contact  at least one week prior to your anticipated visit date with your request. If permission is not granted, filming is not allowed (video or still) in the Mall or in Nickelodeon Universe.
  • The PR Department must be told when a reporter, videographer, photographer or crew will be arriving to film/shoot/report, the duration of stay, how many people will be in the crew and what type of equipment is being used.
  • Filming on behalf of a brand/sponsor, or if this footage will be sold, must be disclosed upon request to film. Projects involving a brand/sponsor will need prior approval from the Strategic Alliances Department at Mall of America. Fees may apply to this type of project.
  • The schedule and shot list must be submitted in advance of arrival. The PR Department must receive this and approve before arrival, or else filming will not be allowed.
  • Once permission is granted, media and film crews MUST either check in at the East Guest Information Desk or meet with someone in the PR Department to receive a MEDIA badge. (The East Guest Service Desk is open during regular retail hours, so any filming needed before or after Mall hours must be pre-arranged with someone in PR.)
  • The MEDIA badge will be dated and can only be used on that date. It must be worn and visible at all times. If the badge is not visible to security, they may question you.
  • The Mall can grant permission to film in common spaces only, meaning the main corridors of the Mall. Filming is not allowed in any tenant spaces (stores or restaurants) without receiving prior written permission from them. This includes Nickelodeon Universe. If you wish to film in the theme park, prior notice must be given to PR so they can coordinate with Nickelodeon Universe management. Photo, video and sound equipment are not permitted on any of the rides or attractions in the park.
  • Please coordinate with the PR Department if tenant contacts are needed to seek approval for filming within specific stores. We will do our best to assist you with this information, but it is your responsibility to receive the store’s written approval prior to your visit.
  • Research, surveys, and questionnaires are not allowed at Mall of America without prior approval.  In some circumstances “man on the street interviews” are not permitted.
  • Filming of uniformed security personnel or procedures without prior authorization is not permitted.
  • Filming outside on Mall property, or in the parking ramps must be coordinated with the PR Department, who will then coordinate with Mall security.
  • Light setups, tri-pods, and electrical cords in high traffic areas (or on busy days) are not allowed – exceptions will be considered. This guideline is in place for the safety of our guests.
  • Media must be able to carry all your equipment. No carts or dollies may be used for transporting equipment into or within the building.

Any media not adhering to the above guidelines will be asked to leave Mall of America property.

Thanks for your cooperation!




Q: How can I get facts, information, quotations and images from Mall of America®?
A: You can find information and quotes under Press Releases and images can be found via our press page.

Q: How do I contact Mall of America about a TV, film or other media production? A: Please feel free to contact our public relations department by emailing