Job Interview Tips

Ace your MOA® interview and land the job

You don’t need to worry about your interview with the Mall of America® team. We truly can’t wait to meet new MOA candidates! Set yourself up for a stellar interview by reviewing a few helpful tips from the Mall of America Human Resources interview team.

Dress For Success

Before showing up for an interview, remember to research the typical dress code for the position you will be interviewing for, and dress at that level or one step more formal. Dress respectably by being aware of the environment in which you are hoping to work.

Time Is Valuable

Show up to your interview five to 10 minutes early. Being a little early shows our hiring team that you are a prompt candidate and that time management is important to you.

Power Down

You don’t need to turn off your tech completely, but it is important that you set your devices to silent and put them away before checking in for your interview. Once you’re checked in at the front desk, take a seat and wait patiently for your interview to begin.

During the Interview

Be sure to be present and engaging in your interview. Don’t be afraid to ask thoughtful questions! We want to get to know you—and we want you to get to know Mall of America as a company.

Friends and Family

We know friends and family are great to have around for moral support. However, Mall of America’s Human Resources office has limited space and seating. If family and friends come with you for your interview, please have them enjoy Mall of America’s shopping and attractions while you meet with our hiring team.