It feels like ages since we’ve refreshed our wardrobe—so our first steps mean embracing whites and new neutrals that work with everything in the closet, sporty classics recut into right-now silhouettes, and inviting luxe textures into the mix.

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Guy wearing Jacket, Button Down, Joggers, Oxfords, Watch, Bracelet


Woman wearing Tweed Shacket, Sweater Vest, Blouse, White Denim, Mules, Clutch, Sunglasses, Scarf

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Inspiration by Amala


Included in this look: Smock Top | Windsor (240 North Garden), Denim Jeans| Forever 21 (144 East Broadway), Purse | H&M (118 Central Parkway)

“It’s my passion to support people during their most vulnerable moments.” Amala Nechkash was drawn to nursing because she felt a responsibility to offer care of people, not just physically, but also mentally. “One of my favorite moments was when I was just starting my career in health care, and was studying to be a nursing assistant. I met a patient and we had this connection—they were kind of spunky, and had a little attitude, so we clicked right away. A few weeks, later, my instructor pulled me aside and shared a letter that the patient wrote thanking me. I still have the letter—I hold it near and dear to my heart whenever I’m having a bad day. It reminds me: This is why I do what I do, to make that impact.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amala’s work as a registered nurse became more important and challenging than ever. “I’m used to walking down the hall and just smiling at people. Now, with masks, it looks like I’m just staring at someone—I miss seeing people’s faces.” Amala’s secret weapon for when half her face is covered: Statement eyeglass frames that show her energy and personality.

Even during COVID, Amala has found ways to stay true to her personal style, which is to reboot high-quality essentials with little touches of flair: “I like to be bold and try new things. So during work, I mix it up with bright-colored headbands and socks with my scrubs—which come in joggers now! And when I get to start dressing up again, I always start with the shoes, then build an outfit off of them. I try on a million things before I get it right!”